The burden of a famous family...

Christopher Kennedy Lawford

I don't know what it is about famous rich kids.

They almost always end up on drugs.

But, unlike some, my guest today dug himself out of that deep pit of despair and addiction and built something pretty cool out of his life.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford (yes, *those* Kennedy's) is in the hot seat opposite me on today's episode of UNSCRIPTED. I found his story staggering and amazing.

Hope you do too.

See you on-screen!





1 week in the books...

And web traffic has quadrupled. Somebody must be watching.

Tonight you'll be watching...

Rose Marie

Rose Marie.

Not a baby anymore but, man, what a life story.

I find there are two challenges when interviewing someone of her age and experience.

1) making sure she can hear you (and I'm not kidding, it's hard for interviewer and interviewee as we each try to compensate for the way in which age affects hearing, all why trying to seem like we're not trying too hard).

2) coming at it in a way that's different from the ten million other interviews she's done in her life so that she stays interested.

All so that you stay interested, dear audience.

A true Hollywood Veteran, Ms. Rose Marie. Tonight, on UNSCRIPTED.

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Wild Card...

Rip Taylor

This guy is somethin'...

As an interviewer you know that 20% of your interviews are going to be difficult. Sometimes it's because the guest is difficult; maybe they're having a bad day, don't want to be there in the first place (their publicist made them do it), are mad about something totally unconnect to you, whatever. They're just in a bad mood and that's it. Your job is to try to get them to 'deliver' regardless of their crappy mood.

Then there's Rip Taylor.

He wasn't hard to interview 'cause he was mad, or mean. Quite the contrary, he was super-nice, in a great mood and--as was to be expected--was a complete ball of fire and energy.

Trying to keep a ball of fire and energy on-track as you work to get him to tell you his life story?


It was kind of like interviewing an Arabian Pony on speed while playing video games and eating chocolate cake at the same time.

I'm grateful for his time. He's a lovely man...

And one. tough. interview.

See the results for yourself, tonight on UNSCRIPTED all across America on AMG TV.

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Our *thing*...


(The Legendary Peter Graves (L) with Producer/Host Todd Cantelon (R) just prior to taping)


You might be finding our show for the first time. So how does it work? What's it all about?

UNSCRIPTED is a celebrity biography interview series. We sit down with famous people and get them to tell us their life story.


So that their story can 'speak to' your story.

The big-idea is this: most famous people are famous for a reason. Most of them are highly accomplished, talented, hard-working, intelligent and have endured more than their fair share of ups and down on their way to the top of their profession. As such, their life and journey can be of help to you as you seek to make the most out of your life.

That's why UNSCRIPTED exists; to find and tell inspiring life-stories so that you, our viewer, are inspired to life your life to the fullest.

We hope you enjoy watching, we certainly enjoy making this show. We've got 100 more episodes in the works.

See you on-screen!





Mr. President...

Ken Howard

Ken Howard is the newly minted (August 15, 2013) President of the recently merged SAG-AFTRA Actors Guild, this means you shouldn't mess with him, especially if 'Tinseltown' is on your bucket list.

He's our guest today on UNSCRIPTED and he proved to be kind, generous, and open, the kind of guy you can really get in-depth with.

I enjoyed chatting with him and know you will too!

Watch Ken at 7pm tonight!

Check AMGTV for your local listings.

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Hello America!

Melissa Rivers

It's an exciting day for UNSCRIPTED.

Today we launch in the United States of America!

(cue cheering)

We're very excited to bring you this insightful program featuring in-depth half-hour biography-style interviews with some of your favorite stars from today and yesterday.

Chances are Melissa Rivers is best known to you from her work on the 'red carpet' for MTV and 'E'. She's talked to everyone who's anyone and on today's show she dishes on her life and work under the bright lights.

What do I remember about Melissa? One, she's tiny. Two, her perosnality more than makes up for what she lacks in size. Three, she's smart, open and deeply enthusiastic. I'm sure her zest for life and passion for all things Hollywood will take you on a trip you won't soon forget.

See you on-screen!


(Todd Cantelon, Producer/Host--Unscripted)