Our *thing*...


(The Legendary Peter Graves (L) with Producer/Host Todd Cantelon (R) just prior to taping)


You might be finding our show for the first time. So how does it work? What's it all about?

UNSCRIPTED is a celebrity biography interview series. We sit down with famous people and get them to tell us their life story.


So that their story can 'speak to' your story.

The big-idea is this: most famous people are famous for a reason. Most of them are highly accomplished, talented, hard-working, intelligent and have endured more than their fair share of ups and down on their way to the top of their profession. As such, their life and journey can be of help to you as you seek to make the most out of your life.

That's why UNSCRIPTED exists; to find and tell inspiring life-stories so that you, our viewer, are inspired to life your life to the fullest.

We hope you enjoy watching, we certainly enjoy making this show. We've got 100 more episodes in the works.

See you on-screen!