Wild Card...

Rip Taylor

This guy is somethin'...

As an interviewer you know that 20% of your interviews are going to be difficult. Sometimes it's because the guest is difficult; maybe they're having a bad day, don't want to be there in the first place (their publicist made them do it), are mad about something totally unconnect to you, whatever. They're just in a bad mood and that's it. Your job is to try to get them to 'deliver' regardless of their crappy mood.

Then there's Rip Taylor.

He wasn't hard to interview 'cause he was mad, or mean. Quite the contrary, he was super-nice, in a great mood and--as was to be expected--was a complete ball of fire and energy.

Trying to keep a ball of fire and energy on-track as you work to get him to tell you his life story?


It was kind of like interviewing an Arabian Pony on speed while playing video games and eating chocolate cake at the same time.

I'm grateful for his time. He's a lovely man...

And one. tough. interview.

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