Another day, another legend...

Our producer was a boy when he first met Mr. Pat Boone.  It was the late 1970's and Pat Boone was a bona fide super star.  He was on tour and stopped by a small town where a young boy watched him perform mesmerized.

Thirty years later they'd meet again.


You can see Mr. Boone's playfulness on display here.  He charmed our crew and was a true gentleman.


Totally un-fussy, Mr. Boone was relaxed and warm.  Interested in everybody and affirming of them at the same time.


Sometimes an interview guest will be generous and open with their story.  We think you'll find that was the case with Mr. Boone as his high-quality interview with us unspools tonight.



A little bit awestruck...

Once in a while we all get a bit 'silly' because of who's coming in next.

Bob Newhart did that to us.  The man is a real legend, an icon, a class act and a genuine talent. We had a wonderful time chatting with him and hope you enjoy your half hour with this Gentle Giant of a man.


Our Associate Producer, Ms. Candace Newton--a real maven when it comes to people and connecting--made sure to grab some time with Mr. Newhart.  She's making sure he looks into 'her' camera here.  Gotta' capture that moment.


Even our Executive Producer--Mr. Tore Stautland--got in on the act, elbowing his way in for some time with Mr. Newhart.


A performer's performer, Mr. Newhart made magic happen with every camera we put on him.




Cedric is THE man...

It was a total treat sitting down with Cedric the Entertainer.  You go into it expecting him to be hilarious and larger than life and he really is.  You'll get a sense from the photos that follow as to the kind of dude this guy is.

His publicist told us--after the fact--that his interview with us was one of his all-time favorites.  We hope his sense of enjoyment comes through when you see it for yourself.



Two of the monitors dedicated to Cedric.  A close up (on the right) and a medium shot (on the left). You can see that around him all you see is green which allows us to 'key' a different background in behind him.


Not sure whether our ladies asked for this one or Cedric did, so as to continue to promote the fact that he is, in fact, a Gentleman, a scholar and a FAVORITE with the ladies...


Our photo room with Cedric getting ready to 'work it'.


On set with Todd, getting ready to start the interview.




Head to head with 'Theo'...

You love this guy.

Probably grew up watching him.

We're glad to be able to report that Malcolm Jamal Warner is as nice, down to earth, smart and charming in-person as you'd hope.  Really, the guy is a gem.  


In this first picture our Producer/Host Todd Cantelon is chatting with Malcolm before the start of filming.  The structure of the interview, what he can expect, where we hope to go and why we do this in the first place is what was being discussed.  In the background our Director (Karl E. Richter and his wife Nicole--his assistant on-set) are sharing a private moment behind the stack of monitors Karl uses to keep a perfectionist eye on things as we go.  Makeup is poised to pounce and we're about to start.


Quite the moment meeting someone you feel you 'know' and finding out that--true to form--they'd be worth knowing if you had the chance.  Get to know him by watching his episode HERE.



Gutting it out with PMG...


You'd think this was the easiest job in the World.

For us, just set up and get ready for a great conversation.  For the guest, just settle in and talk about yourself for 45 minutes.

As you can see from this moment we caught between our Director, Karl E. Richter, and Mr. Paul Micheal Glaser, sometimes the guests need a little help being put at ease.

We've found that--the more brilliant the artist--the less likely they are to be comfortable talking about themselves.

We did our best to set the brilliant PMG at ease.  Judge for yourself whether or not we succeeded on tonight's show.



Face to face with a Mogul...

Stephen J. Cannell can be rightly called a 'Mogul'.  From owning his own bona fide film and television studio, to producing, writing, directing and executive producing, he's truly done it all.  Never mind the fact that he's also a best-selling novelist many times over.


You can see in his eyes that he's focused, determined and confident.


He was also very generous, full of insight and was eager to make our producer laugh along the way.  We hope you get--with the finished product--a bit of what we got in-person.